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Veduta Consulting, LLC

A New Perspective In Clinical Therapy and Psychoeducation


About Us:

Veduta Consulting offers a broad range of counseling and education services, to meet the needs of individual clients, organizations and the community. Our expert knowledge of psychological growth, personal development and transformational principles will help you achieve your goals.

Our staff is highly qualified, with the most up-to-date training and education. We can guarantee it, because we are one of the premiere sources of training and education for professional counselors!

Our Counselors

Francesca Giordano, Ph.D., LCPC

Dr. Giordano is the founder and principal partner of Veduta Consulting. Her clinical practice specializes in sexuality counseling, anger management, and relationship restoration. She is also a very experienced career counseling and helps clients with career transitions and job search strategies. Her clients also benefit from her 25 years of experience teaching and supervising counselors-in-training. Being a counseling professor keeps her skills updated and her perspective fresh and innovative.

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Morgan Kinney, MA, LCPC

Morgan Kinney is a clinical counselor, supervisor and consultant at Veduta Consulting. He has been a therapist since 2011, working with diverse populations in all manner of settings. His expertise is in depression, anxiety and neurodiversity, with an emphasis on ADHD and the autism spectrum. He is active in research, integrating new modes of therapy and treatment into future psychotherapy.

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Rick Calabrese, MA, LCPC

Rick Calabrese is a licensed counselor and consultant at Veduta Consulting. Rick specializes in treating anxiety and depression, and has extensive experience working with older adolescents (ages 17 to 18) and their parents. He is an experienced couples’ counselor as well as an avid advocate for and member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Deanna Chrones, MA, LPC, CH

Deanna Chrones is a licensed clinical counselor, consultant, and certified hypnotherapist at Veduta Consulting. She is also certified in EMDR, a first-line treatment for PTSD. Deanna works with adults, adolescents, and children, and specializes in treating trauma, depression, and anxiety.


Our Mission:

"Veduta" is a word from the world of Italian art; it means "to see the sweep and beauty of the world around you through new eyes."

When you learn to see yourself in a new way, you gain a clearer vision of the possibilities that lie ahead.

When you gain new knowledge and skills, the landscape of your life becomes illuminated around you.

Veduta Consulting exists to help our clients gain this vision of themselves, and this perspective on their lives, through expert counseling, higher education and professional training. With this new vision, you will be able to leave problems and obstacles behind, and follow the path that takes you forward into a better life.



Veduta Consulting offers a wide variety of services. Costs will depend on the services you choose and the counselor or staff member you work with. Click here to learn more about our fee structure.


Counselors at Veduta Consulting are in network with BCBS. Dr. Giordano’s fees are fee-for-service.

If you are interested in working with Dr. Giordano, she understands that insurance is an important part of most people’s financial plans and we can provide an invoice, bill, diagnostic documentation or other paperwork to submit to your insurance company. Please be sure to check with your insurance provider for any “out-of-network benefits” they may offer. You can often apply these to important services, even if your policy does not list them specifically

Accepts Payment Methods:

We accept all major credit cards. Cash and personal checks are accepted, subject to prior approval.



8S Michigan Ave, Suite 2800, Chicago, IL 60603

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