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Janet Muller

Life Coaching with Janet

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About Me:

My desire and purpose is to assist individuals seeking to better their lives physically, mentally and spiritually. Teaching yoga has been my life-long passion and it was this passion that led me to start my coaching journey in 2017; a journey that ultimately resulted in me earning my ICF-ACC credentials in 2020.

Since then, I have expanded beyond yoga classes and have the opportunity to offer coaching to those who are struggling, stuck or need assistance moving forward in their life.

Whether it be cultivating a yoga practice or diving into coaching, I’m experienced in working with those who want to commit to a process of discovering and uncovering a reason to heal and grow emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Providing support for cancer survivors is an important part of my coaching practice. I am a long-time supporter and volunteer for Soul Ryeders; a local, non-profit, volunteer-driven, charitable organization committed to empowering those who are affected by all types of cancer.

My Approach

Spread Your Wings

Life Coaching is a professional relationship that supports people in living passionate, fulfilled, extraordinary lives. By bringing clarity to goals, values, and a person’s deeper purpose, it accelerates the process of growth—finding the place where you feel fully alive. I co-partner with my clients to design the life they want, and then to take the concrete steps it takes to live that ideal life.

I come with an open heart to meet and embrace you where you are without judgement or bias; and function with the conviction that every person has the brilliance, creativity, and strength required to achieve excellence—sometimes they just need a catalyst to give them a nudge, or remind them what they are capable of.

Would you like to receive a complimentary power hour strategy session to explore whether the coaching process is right for you? Visit my website and schedule time now.


Life Coaching:

Are you feeling stuck in your career, relationship or life? Do you know what it is you need to do but somehow just can’t take those first steps, or take them consistently? Are you overwhelmed with anxiety, tension and stress? If your answer to any of those questions is yes, then life coaching can help!

  • Explore new ideas and possibilities together
  • Formulate achievable goals
  • Carry out a plan to achieve those goals

Beyond Yoga with Janet offers a virtual environment where optimism is contagious. It's a home for yoga and other wellness initiatives, which enables the mind, body and spirit to find balance and be restored. Participants, both beginners and advanced, will have the opportunity to decompress and rejuvenate in the comfort of their own space.

  • Live yoga steaming
  • Video library on demand
  • Private and semi-private sessions
Cancer Survivor Support:

As a credentialed professional, I help individuals who are cancer survivors to support and bridge the gap as they redefine their lives. I assist them to overcome the challenges and obstacles they often experience after diagnosis and treatment, such as:

  • Fear and anxiety of a cancer returning
  • Long term side effects of treatment
  • Reclaiming their identity
  • Prioritizing self care and kindness.
  • Creating healthy boundaries
  • Overwhelm and stress


Packages & Rates:

I have packages and rates to suit a variety of needs and budgets. Contact me today and together we'll find a service and package that's just right for you.

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